The contemporary Romanian society, as well as other types of societies, such as French, English, American, Japanese, etc., is facing a number of problems and has to meet a multitude of challenges from all areas of the society such as economic, financial and banking, healthcare, agricultural, educational, artistic domains and, obviously, all these must have sets of intervention modalities to make society functional, efficient and adaptable to other changes that occur at one stage or another.
For most existing challenges in Romanian society the academic community must be prepared to answer through the multitude of specializations that can prepare and train specialists for all areas of the Romanian economy from the economic area and ending with the artistic and religious ones, with a sustainable effort and an important contribution is also brought by the Faculties of Psychology and Educational Sciences forming specialists in areas with an important role in the development of contemporary society.
The ways in which academic structures of “Ovidius” University fulfill their mission are many, but certainly among them, the most striking ones are the scientific events materialized in debates, conferences, workshops involving Romanian specialists, but also foreigners, bringing thus a notable contribution to the development of the Romanian contemporary science.
In this series of scientific events also joins the International Conference “Man – a perpetual challenge,” organized by the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. The third edition will be held this year on 10-12 June in Constanţa, and for the first time in partnership with the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Braşov, as a sign of recognition of the inter-university collaboration in the space of academic research.
We eagerly invite all those who want to express themselves and present scientific papers of real interest in the areas of psychology, pedagogy, special pedagogy and social work!

Prof. Virgil Frunză,PhD,
Dean of Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences